July 15, 2016

Taj Mahal Gift Items

Taj Mahal Gift

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We are the largest manufacturer of all sizes of taj mahal and marble gift item. We built custom taj mahal and marble gifts for our costumer all across the world.

This Decorative ‘must have’ Taj Mahal gift is the exact Replica/Miniature of actual Taj mahal based in Agra. Other Variations in the size are also available . This Taj Mahal replica is true form of fine Art produced by renowned Craftsman based out in Agra (India), whose forefathers were the ones employed by the Shah Jahan while building the world famous Taj Mahal. This craftsman has done very minute yet clear details all over the TajMahal. It would definitely be unique home decor collection item and a perfect gift for any occasion. It’s made of Italian Marble and will come in packaged in a box. It is handmade using Alabaster (White marble stone from Italy) and having base of white crystalline marble (Also called Makrana) base from Rajasthan India. Slight variation in the photograph and the actual cannot be avoided because each item is made individually. Please avoid direct contact of water and wet cloth on the Tajmahal.

We also manufacturer & exporter of Marble table top inlay and Handcrafted Products. This stone inlaid art also known as Inlay work or Pacchikari or Pietre dura and we inlaid beautiful floral, Italian, geometric inlay patterns using semi-precious stones like lapis lazuli, malachite, turquoise, coral, cornelian, shell, mother of pearl, Jasper, and Italian stones etc. After that, we inlaid in Indian white marble, black marble, Indian green marble (Baroda green), Indian Black Kudapaa Stone etc.

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