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Floor Medallion we are the  manufacturer and exporter of Natural stone (Marbles) tile Floor Medallions, floor tile borders, custom floor inlays, and Porcelain floor tile medallions with focus on high end residential applications.Your project will be treated as a priority always.

Floor medallion may be fabricated to your material choice. Incorporated in 1996 , we have 20 successful years experience in the design, selection of materials, fabrication, shipping, marble inlaying and installation of floor medallion for residential and commercial designer floors. We have our own manufacturing facility in Agra (India). We maintain a happy well trained crew to complete each design. If you need assistance in selecting tiles, sizes, or whatever please contact us.

Today we have the largest collection of decorative wall-floor designs available for customization . We offer Polished or Honed Marble wall or flooring medallions in a variety of sizes, styles and options, made with natural stone, travertine, marble, granite, exotics, Glass, Metals and porcelain tile. We have many wall and floor tile border inlay styles. Since we design and manufacture them ourselves you may customize these to better accent your space.We have earned our position as the place for professionals and homeowners looking for distinctive Art in Stone pieces.

All of our work is handcrafted natural stone in our facility in Agra (India) is a product of nature and varies in color, veining, and shading from stone to stone .  This is part of the beauty of using natural stone and is what makes your natural stone floor unique.  Consequently, the natural stone product images you see on this website will vary from the actual product we create in our facility.  Please note that on-screen colors are not necessarily precise representations of actual product colors due to variance in monitor calibrations.

For more information contact us

For more information contact us
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